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The Need for Wireless Monitoring

There is a real on-going need for monitoring of valve positions (actuated or manual) in the process line. Malfunctioning of a valve can result in danger to human health and safety, affect yields, and generate environmental risks. In some industries, regul...

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What is M2M

Machine-to-machine communication, or M2M, is exactly as it sounds: two machines “communicating,” or exchanging data, without human interfacing or interaction. This includes serial connection, powerline connection (PLC), or wireless communications in the i...

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Automated Systems: The Future of Industrial Automation

Many experts believe we are headed for a future of intense mobility. While our cellphones have long been toted around in our pockets, industry experts are looking into the future and seeing a need for manufacturing processes to implement highly mobile aut...

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Internet of Things in Everyday Business

The wave of Internet of Things (IoT) is not going to stop anytime soon. We are actually seeing an increase in the number of applications of IoT in different fields: health care, education, military, environment, etc.

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RF Wireless Technology

A radio frequency (RF) signal refers to a wireless electromagnetic signal used as a form of communication, if one is discussing wireless electronics. Radio waves are a form of electromagnetic radiation with identified radio frequencies that range from 3Hz...

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