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More Detais>>2019-01-23

Why we use radio?

There are alternative means to get information from remote sites to the main SCADA computer such as telephone lines and GSM (cellular modems). So, why do we usually recommend our customers design their telemetry systems around the use of an appropriate r...

More Detais>>2016-01-16

Stacker Reclaimer

It is very important to have information such as movement of stacker/reclaimer to control room while in operation. For example, if reclaimer is to be started, the reclaimer yard conveyor has to be started first and the same signal is to be given to the re...

More Detais>>2016-01-04

Control Valve market growing

the global market for control valves, estimated at a valuation of US$7.74 bn in 2014, is expected to expand at a healthy 7% CAGR between 2015 and 2021 and rise to US$12.14 bn by 2021.The rising investments in fluid handling technologies across the oil and...

More Detais>>2015-12-27

Serial Communication

Embedded electronics is all about interlinking circuits (processors or other integrated circuits) to create a symbiotic system. In order for those individual circuits to swap their information, they must share a common communication protocol. Hundreds of...

More Detais>>2015-12-27
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