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Oil & Gas and Power Sector to Drive the SCADA Market

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Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is a technique that uses combination of encrypted signals over different communication channels in order to furnish control of remote equipments. With the help of SCADA systems, decrease in production cost, decrease in amount of defects in output, real time detection of faults in machineries, and other production process related advantages can be availed. The SCADA systems use one communication channel for each remote station to acquire data from distant devices such as valves, transmitters, and pumps to provide total remote control from a host software platform. SCADA systems are a type of industrial control system (ICS). However, they are suitable for large scale procedures and can incorporate multiple sites at a time.

The global SCADA systems market is broadly classified on the basis of components such as remote terminal unit, SCADA communication system, human machine interface, programmable logic controller, and others. These sub-systems support in different processes and connect the supervisory system to remote units. The system collects data from industrial process and uses them to find out any kind of irregularity occurring in the procedure. The global SCADA market is further segmented as per the applications in industries such as chemicals, telecommunications, food and beverages, oil and gas, water and waste water management, electrical power, and pharmaceuticals.

Shale Gas Extraction to Boost the Demand of Global SCADA Systems Market

The global SCADA systems market has grown as a result of infrastructural enhancement in the developing economies. In the electrical power application of SCADA systems, the technique is being used to lower the power transmission, inculcate smart grid processes, and to reduce the distribution losses in countries such as China and India. In order to cope up with the demand and supply gap of oil and gas globally, SCADA system has found its need in the process of extraction of oil and gas efficiently. Owing to this, the extraction of shale gas has proved to be a growth driver to the SCADA systems market in the forecast period.

Chemical and waste water management industries have also been substantially increasing the demand of the SCADA systems in the global market. Because of the diversity of application in numerous sectors the global demand of supervisory control and data acquisition systems market is believed to account US$32.70 billion in 2020 with a considerable 5.0% CAGR in the forecast period.

In spite of the numerous applications, SCADA system market faces cyber security concerns just like a normal computer have regarding internet usage. Owing to the increasing figures of connections with office networks and internet connections, SCADA systems are becoming vulnerable to network attacks.

North America leads the global SCADA systems market by 33.80% in 2013

Geographically, the global SCADA systems market is segmented in four regions such as Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World. In 2013, North America accounted the largest market share of 33.80%, followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. The application in electrical power and oil and gas verticals are considered as the growth drivers in North America. Some of the key players of U.S. are Honeywell International, Inc., Emerson Electric Co., General Electric, and Rockwell Automation.

Large investments in waste water management, oil and gas, infrastructure, and power sectors are believed to fuel the SCADA systems market in Europe and Asia-Pacific region in the forecast period. The leading players in the SCADA systems market of Europe and Asia-Pacific region are Alstom (France), Siemens AG (Germany), Schneider Electric (France), Yokogawa Electric Co. (Japan), ABB Ltd. (Switzerland), and Omron (Japan) among others.

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